How To Prepare For GATE 2018 Exam Tips : IIT Guwahati

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati  is conducting the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2018 this year. The exam is scheduled to be conducted over a span of one week, from February First week to February second week, 2018.
The competitive exam is conducted every year as a gateway to postgraduate courses at the Master’s and Doctoral level across the country, and also to MHRD and other Government Scholarships, Assistant-ships in Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Science. The score obtained by candidates in GATE is also used by few PSUs during their recruitment.
Here are some tips and tricks to prepare for the exam:
1. Before you begin your preparation, it is essential to know your initial level of competence. Scrutinising your performance in this exam will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and you will know the areas where improvement is required. This will help you in devising your preparation strategy.
2. GATE examination requires clear understanding of concepts and good aptitude skills from engineering graduates. This exam will test the candidates on all their concepts along with its relevance in a comprehensive manner. It is important for aspirants to have a proper plan for their preparation.
3. Continuous practice is key. Do not leave your preparation in between, practice regularly. Go through all types of questions and attempt as many mock test papers as you can.
4. Take notes. Make a list of all formulae that you will need during the exam, make an index of all the topics you have covered. This will help you with last minute revision as well.
5. Study topic wise. Stay with a particular topic, read everything related to the topic and try to solve them. After completing on one whole topic, move to the next. While solving the problem, students must have balance between speed and accuracy. Do not hop from one topic to another, this will make it difficult for you to recall one topic entirely and may confuse you.
6. Make your own exam strategy. Practice sample papers and decide which strategy suits you best while attempting the paper. Some people like to start solving a paper from the first question, while some people like to glance through the entire paper and start answering questions from their areas of strength. Decide how will you take the exam beforehand, this will help you attempt the exam more efficiently.
7. Give equal importance to all sections. Do not ignore General Ability, it constitutes 15 percent of the total marks and hence is one of the most important sections. It is also relatively easier to score in.
8. IT is very important to practice using mock test papers. By doing so, you will adapt to the online pattern and also be able to assess your preparation. Based on your attempts in the mock test series, you can fine tune your own exam strategy.
9. As many questions in the exam will be numerical type, it is not wise to take the “eliminating the wrong answer options” approach too often.
10. Do not answer any question in a hurry. Carefully think of the answers and then attempt the question, as the test will carry negative marking of 33 percent per wrong answer.
11. Do not take stress. Relax and don’t be tensed when you attempt the exam. You are more likely to make silly mistakes if you are tensed, hence you should go for the exam with a calm mind.
With inputs from Mr. Abhijit Chaudhari, Director, Gateforum.

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