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This is the time most of you would be starting GATE and IES preparation and you all will have some queries regarding GATE preparation. This post deals with how to give a kick start to your GATE and ESE preparation. There are two basic ways of GATE Preparation either a guided preparation through any institute or self study.

In this post I will discuss the strategy that I followed.

I myself prepared for GATE by self study and after clearing GATE exam joined PSU and after 2 years in service I quit my job and start preparing for IES/ESE 2017 , my engineering services exam 2017 prelims is cleared and now waiting for my mains exam. Hope I will also clear this exam.

Self study approach is more suited to those who are already boosted to achieve their goals and only need some motivation and guidance time to time. Self study is a good way to crack any exam as if you join any coaching and don’t read after coaching classes then it is also a waste of time.

During my preparation time my friends were doing coaching classes in Delhi and I was doing self study, after classes they come to my hostel room and discuss their class topics and questions. Their questions and there confidence was haunting me. They were very comfortable with their subjects. They were hungry for questions and try to solve every question and book with their coaching classes. 

I start thinking about my decision to do self study is right or wrong? I was thinking that I will complete one subject in one month and there are total 12 subject so in one year I will cover my whole syllabus. But my approach and thinking was wrong, i was trying to choose my comfort level. I was thinking like a fool.

Then I discussed my problem with my friend Sanchit, he was a regular student of Delhi coaching classes. He joined coaching when he was in 3rd year and continued till final year last day. He was down to earth person, he laughed on my problem and said- “Your room mates just joined, wait for 2 months and if any one of them maintain this enthusiasm then start sitting with him” . 

He was right,in starting most of my friends were regular with their studies but after one month they started to bunk classes and their coaching materials was dusting as they were not opening them.

I again talked to Sanchit, he said Satender i know you want to clear this exam without coaching. You may clear this without coaching but not without proper guidance. You have to make a study plan. You have to cover your syllabus in 7-8 months and have to make self study notes. He told me that first read from Standard books and refer NPTEL notes only in case if you don’t feel comfortable with any topic and after this read from my coaching notes.

He also told me to keep your Saturday for revision only as without revision you may not clear any exam. Make a subject list and pin it on your wall and after completing one subject tick on you subject list and keep ticking after every successful revision. These ticks will give you confidence in February when only 15 days will be left for GATE and IES exam.

He told me to keep your Sunday for refreshment, go to movie or visit any place. This Sunday concept is very funny but really this Sunday concept is very useful. If you read continuously for 3-4 days you will feel irritation within yourself. This irritation may ruin your social life. 

I was not sure how to manage these 3 things as if you read from 3 sources at a same time for single topic then how is it possible to complete your syllabus. But i have no choice as that month was May and there was no new coaching batch available in Delhi.

I followed my friends advice and try to complete standard book first and then refer NPTEL only if necessary and then by Sanchit’s coaching notes. In starting days it was difficult but when i come in flow i was enjoying this rhythm. Then i started to make my notes, I was making my notes in such a way that i don’t have to read the same book content again and again.

Now the month was August, all my coaching going friends were tired from their schyou medule and after their coaching classes they simply come and sleep. Even few of them don’t fill GATE and IES exam and joined private companies.

I cleared my GATE exam without coaching and joined PSU and after that joined one coaching for IES Prelims as some new topics were added and in job it was difficult to manage time. Without coaching you may also clear this exam and for this only you have to do is to make friends who are serious for this exam. You must read blogs in which IES and GATE toppers give interviews and share their strategy and guidance.

If you are referring Standard Books do make sure that you are only going through the concepts covered in GATE and ESE exam and are leaving out the irrelevant part. For this purpose you always have to keep the GATE ESE curriculum handy.  Do make sure that you solve all previous year questions during the course of your preparation.



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