GATE 2017 Topper – Karnati Sai Pramod Interview : AIR 01 – Electronics And Communication Engineering


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As GATE 2017 result is out and students who qualified these exams but not get good rank by any reason and the students who are preparing first time for the above exams wants to know how should we prepare so that we may also get good rank in GATE IES and PSUs exam.

Today we are with Karanti Sai Pramod Reddy who secured AIR 01 in GATE 2017 in Electronics And Communication engineering branch.  

Karanti Sai Pramod Reddy completed his B.Tech from NIT, Calicut in Electronics And Communication Engineering.

Karanti Sai Pramod Reddy first of all congratulation for securing all India rank 01 in GATE 2017.

Kindly tell us about yourself. From where did you done your engineering and from which branch?

I did B.Tech in Electronics And Telecommunication engineering. I was the student of NIT, Calicut. I was an average student and have 66.8% in B.Tech. I secure All India Rank 01 in GATE 2017 in electronics and communication branch this year, last year i.e in GATE 2016 i gave my first attempt and get AIR 1029. This year I cracked GATE 2017 with AIR 01. 

You are from Electronics And Communication Engineering. How much did you score in GATE 2017?

My all India rank in gate 2017 is 01, My score in GATE 2017 after normalization my score was 1000/1000.

Kindly tell us how long you take to cover all the syllabus of Electronics And Communication Engineering GATE 2017.

When I was in my 3rd year I start my preperation for GATE exam, at that time I was not that much serious for GATE exam, and in my first attempt I don’t score well and get only 1029th rank. After that rank I decided to devote my one year only for GATE and IES exam. I was an average student with 66.8% in B.Tech, all my friends with higher percentage place during campus placement but at that time I was only focusing on my GATE and IES exam. 

In my second attempt I give my best and after exam was expecting under 50 rank, but thankful to God that I secure AIR 01 in GATE 2017 in EC.

How much time will it take t o cover all syllabus? It depends upon how much you are serious for this exam. 

Because you are a topper this year so everyone wants to know how much time you devote for this exam? 

Two year. In my 3rd year I started preparation and gave my first attempts as GATE 2016, and this was my second attempt. But student can crack this exam in first attempt only if the start their preparation early. 

Share your strategies with you junior who are reading this interview, like what is the ideal time to prepare for this exam and schedule.

  • Practice as many problems as possible. Chasing previous years question papers makes your way easier.
  • Don’t come up with half baked knowledge; Get total clarity on the questions and topics. Then only you will get speed and accuracy to choose which method to apply.
  • Revise the notes at home, write the concepts and formulas in brief.
  • A good grip over mathematics is a must to chase GATE ECE. For English, reading an English daily is enough. Coming to Aptitude, you have to go after short cuts.

Revising notes 2-3 times is very important. While revising it’s better to solve problems topic wise. Everyone should complete this process by the end of November. I had started giving online test series at this stage. Aspirants who target a good rank should attend all the online tests topic wise and grand tests. Detailed analysis of your performance will also be given in that test series (I have written ACE online test series). So I think these 3 steps are sufficient to secure a good rank in any competitive exam.

Share some valuable points one should know if preparing for GATE exam.

If GATE is tough for you, it’s the same case with all, right? Develop this way of thinking and believe in your hard work. Reading theory may make you bored, but solving a number of problems will be challenging and inspirational too. This makes your preparation complete and successful. So guys, confront your exam with self-confidence and a cool mind, no need to worry about the rank!


Any advice for future aspirants?

Believe only in hard-work. If you didn’t get the desired rank it’s because you didn’t do the required hard work. This is what I believe.

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GATEPSU.IN is the best website for GATE and IES aspirants. Article related to Interviews are very good.


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