ESE 2019 – No Entry To Students Suffering From These Health Problems


If you are a IES – Indian Engineering Services now ESE – Engineering Services Exam aspirant and want to know is high power spects allow, do laser treatment allowed or overweight allowed in ESE then read this article.

Unfortunately, i have one friend and friend’s friend who falls under this criteria i.e. qualified ESE ( with AIR-5) but declared unfit by medical board.

There are two kind of rejection by medical board, one is complete rejection i.e. no job can be offered to you, this one is rare as in such case your health is too bad. Other is partial rejection i.e. no technical job can be offered to you so if ESE is having seat in non-technical cadre at your rank, you will get that seat if not you are rejected. Colour blindness, high power glasses comes under this category.

My friend was having AIR-5 and he was declared fit only for non-technical cadre( his glasses power was very high), since his rank was too good so he got IRSS, a non technical cadre of Indian Railway. He is working in that. So if you are having very good rank, you still hold good chances.

My friend’s friend was declared completely unfit as he was too much fatty, can’t walk much and few other associated problems ( may be he was having some kind of heart disease also but i am not sure). He was straight away rejected as no job can be offered to him. Since he was not fit so he can’t have even private job as walking is also problem for him. He started teaching in private coaching in Delhi, they paid him well but there also he was unable to survive as he can’t stand continuously. So he started setting papers and making theory books for student. He then started preparing for IAS also. He qualified it but again rejected in medical standard. He is working with a coaching of IAS, setting paper, preparing noted, theory section etc are part of his job.

Ultimately if you have potential, you will have something, no need to worry even if you are medically decategorized, world have plenty of options for you.

Credit – Gaurav Srivastava


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