BSNL TTA Exam Preparation Tips By Toppers : How To Prepare?

BSNL published an advertisement and released a huge number of vacancies for the post of Telecom Technical Assistant (TTA) . BSNL has released a huge number of vacancies for the post of Telecom Technical Assistant (TTA). Around 2700 vaccancies in various regions of BSNL in all over the country are there this year.
Aspirants are preparing day and night for this examination and now you have the opportunity to deliver and grab the opportunity with both the hands.
BSNL TTA exam is of 3 hour examination and BSNL TTA exam paper consist of 200 questions for total 200 Marks, so it is important to prepare with a strategy, time management and  requirement of examination rather than concentrating on a single part.
Here is providing a list of important tips which will be useful for the preparation of  BSNL TTA examination:
Strictly follow the syllabus:
  • First thing that aspirants should know is that BSNL TTA Exam has a common syllabus for all  disciplines.
  • Syllabus is divided in three parts: 1) General Ability , 2) Basic Engineering, and 3) Specialization.
  • Aspirants have to prepare all subjects and each part seperately.
  • You have to answer 200 questions in 180 minutes
  • Beaware as there is a also a negative marking for each wrong answer with 0.25 Marks, where each question carry 1 mark.
  • Only study topics mentioned in the syllabus.
How to prepare each Part of the BSNL syllabus?

1. General Ability (20 Marks):
  • It consist of English and Current awarenessGeneral Knowledge etc,
  • Since this section carries 20 marks, devote less time in your preparation.
  • Just focus on comprehension, antonyms, synonyms, fill in the blanks for English.
  • For General knowledge, read the resources mentioned below.
2. Basic engineering (90 Marks) :
  • It means you have full knowledge about basic engineering skills which are divided in five categories:
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Basic Electricity
    • Applied Physics
    • Digital Techniques
    • Electronic Device and Circuit.
  • This section carries 90 marks, so focus accordingly on the sub parts as it contains engineering subjects.
  • Here questions will be asked according to diploma syllabus.
  • These questions are theoretical, formula based, and memory based.
  • You no need to practice many problems in this section.
  • Put effort in studying the basics such as definitions, examples, equations, differences, and important points.
3. Specialization (90 Marks):
  • This section also carries 90 marks and it consists of the core subjects of various disciplines.
  • You have to prepare all subjects prescribed in the syllabus.
  • It may happen that all subjects for a particular discipline are not included, so sort out the required subjects and prepare accordingly.
  • Keep your preparation at basic level and no need to go for depth understanding of any subject.
  • Questions will be asked to test the basic concepts of every subject, so prepare accordingly.
Important tips to crack the BSNL TTA Exam?

Begin Your preparation from zero/ground level:
  • Study the subjects from basic concepts and do not hurry in doing so.
  • First complete all basics and theory part as just 5% of the questions are numerical based, so we can expect a good amount of theoretical questions.
  • It is important go through every single concept, theorems and equations as they will help you to solve exam question speedly during the examination.
Refer standard books for preparations:
    • For a good level of preparation, aspirants shoul go through standard books
    • For English you can prefer S.P Bakshi book to cover the syllabus.
    • For General Knowledge one can refer newspapers or Manorama Yearbook or Arihant G.K Book.
    • For Specialisation and common engineering subjects, standard book used during graduation will be very useful.
How to practice if nervous:
  • Devote much time to prepare these subjects rather than general ability portion.
  • Remember 180 questions are from Engineering subjects among 200 questions.
  • Practice is only the mantra for success in BSNL Exam.
    • Digital Techniques
    • Analog and digital communications
    • Basic Electricity
    • Control system
    • microprocessor
    • Applied Mathematics

So,now begin the preparations accordingly and stay connected to GradeUp for more updates for BSNL TTA Exam 2016!

All The Best!

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